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Every year homeowners contact our Management Company about lost pool cards. Often, a homeowner misplaces their pool card and pays $25 for a replacement. After some time goes by, the homeowner often locates the original card and is confused why their card no longer works. Here's the explanation.
Each address in PVIV is entitled to 1 programmed pool card. This policy was put into place when the builders handed the keys to our first Board of Directors and we became a self governing community. The single key card concept has worked well to keep only PVIV members and their guests using our pool. If a key card is lost and replaced, the original key card is removed from the system and the new card is programmed in its place.
Our contract and legal obligation is between the Homeowner and our Management Company. We only give replacement keys to homeowners whose names are in If you're a renter, your homeowner must request and obtain the replacement key card. If a previous renter moved away and didn't return the key card, the homeowner will need to purchase a new card for $25. We will NOT give a pool card to a renter no matter how hard or good you are at negotiating.
If you don't live in PVIV, we will not give you a pool card. Every year, some very nice people beg, offer money and try very hard to convince us that they live close to our pool and are entitled to a pool card. If you're North of Brandenberg, you're not part of PVIV. The PVIV Board of Directors and every homeowner in PVIV are liable for the safety of the folks in our pool. Our community foots the bill for liability insurance, pool maintenance costs, all upgrades, all furniture replacement, landscaping maintenance and additions.
If a member of PVIV opens the gate for a non PVIV member to enter, you are now their guests, and they are liable for your actions. We video record the entire area and can roll back the data to a given date and time in the event something was destroyed or an activity occurred.
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