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Board Meeting Agenda March 12, 2015
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2015

                  Preston Vineyards IV Homeowners Association
 Board of Directors Meeting
March 12, 2015
I.                   Call to Order 7:00 pm
II.                  Approval of Minutes February 12, 2015
III.                 Updates & Discussion Items
                      A.    Brick Wall Update & Review
                      B.    City - Sidewalk Repairs
                      C.    Street Light Update - Camelot Drive
                      D.    Community Website
                      E.    Community Events
IV.                  Old Business
V.                   New Business
                      A.    Annual Meeting Date May 21, 2015
VI.                  Open Discussion/Questions & Answers
VII.                 Adjournment
VIII.                Executive Session
                       A.    Collections
Location:          Kroger Meeting Room
                       7500 Preston Road
                       Frisco, Texas
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